Dijamed Ltd. Belgrade is a company which was established in March of 2001 as the result of many years of representational work by Nada Todorovic and Bojan Erman. Since then it has continuously been one of the leading distributors in the cardiovascular field of medicine.

The company seat is in the business district of Beglrade, in New Belgrade at Bulevar Zorana Djindjica No. 105.

Dijamed is the distributor of the following world famous companies:

Dijamed has been present for many years on the markets of Serbia, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and Macedonia, where it has become an unavoidable partner for doctors from the cardiovascular field of medicine.

All of our employees are highly educated, specialized and trained by the companies which we represent.

We are equiped by the latest technical standards in order to fulfill our business commitments in the most efficient manner. Our quality comes from our experience, hard work, knowledge and youthfulness.

Thanks to this kind of work ethic and the results which we have achieved, at the beginning of 2010, Dijamed introduced the company St. Jude Medical USA onto the markets of Serbia and the Balkans. It is one of the leading world manufacturers in the cardiovascular field of medicine whose products have been distributed by Dijamed since it was established.

We are proud of our organization, past achievements and the team which represents us, and that guarantees us a good future.